Thursday, June 1, 2017

General Excuses Asserted For Multiple Attackers

22-01 There is no real confirmation that Meredith ever got a chance to scream. The people who claimed to have heard a scream sometime around 11:30 PM would not have known who screamed. It is only by fiat ruling concerning Curatolo's unreliable evidence that placed the time of death at that time, and Curatolo was only testifying about when he thought he last saw a couple he thought were Amanda and Raffaele.

There was no need for Guede to cover Meredith's mouth after he stabbed her in the neck many times. Meredith would have been struggling to breathe and could not have screamed.

22-02 Again, Monacchia like the other witnesses did not see that it was Meredith who screamed, and didn't identify who was arguing from their voices.

22-03 Capezzali claims she heard footsteps running after the scream she claimed she heard, but Capezzali was mostly deaf, and her daughter sleeping in the same room was not awakened by whatever Capezzali thought she heard.

22-04 There is no evidence that Meredith's martial arts training was sufficient to do her much good when surprised by Guede had his own strength superior to hers.

22-05 Why would Guede inflict wounds that would have been interpreted as defensive wounds when the multiple knife stabs to her neck show he had an intimidating advantage over her? Those knife stabs are probably defensive wounds since she struggled anyhow. Guede probably over-reacted to her continued struggle stabbing her more severely than he intended to get control over her.

22-06 What difference does the period of the attack make since the stabs to her neck caused Meredith to suffocate on her own blood. Once the blood started seeping into her windpipe, her struggle was over.

22-07 How could Meredith continue resisting the sexual attack when she was fighting for her breath?

22-08 Again, how would Meredith struggle against removal of her clothes when she was struggling to breathe? Also, supposedly part of the staging was removal of her lower clothes after she died.

22-09 That Guede didn't leave shoe prints until he went through the livingroom to leave doesn't mean he didn't go elsewhere in the villa without leaving shoe prints. Since nobody else left shoe prints in Meredith's room, why is it significant that Guede left no shoe prints while removing Meredith’s bra, moving her body onto the pillow, covering her with the duvet, going through her purse, throwing receipts from her purse onto the duvet, placing the purse on her bed, closing the door, and locking the door. For one thing, it was Guede's DNA that was found on the purse. If the claim is that Guede couldn't have locked Meredith's door because his bloody footprints don't turn to face the door before leaving the villa, how do we know he actually left after making those bloody footprints. If staging is a possibility for thinking Amanda and Raffaele were there, then staging the incomprehensible footprints could have been Guede's way to distance himself from the murder.

22-10 How do we know there ever was a complete bloody footprint extending off the bathmat onto the floor of the bathroom? We don't even know for sure the real measurments of that footprint since the measurements were calculated from a photograph. What probably happened is that Amanda discovered the bloody spot on the bathmat when she stepped on it from the shower. That's why there is only half a footprint and is a good reason for how she got the blood on her bare feet for leaving the tracks in the hall. None of her footprints lead from Meredith's room. That's why the alleged clean-up was theorized to begin with. The police and prosecutors wanted a reason to connect Amanda to Meredith's room.

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