Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Quenching the Media Leaks

1. Peter Quennell seems to think that the coerced statements of November 6, 2007 were the beginning of detrimental leaks Amanda Knox created against herself. He also includes as admission of presence at the murder her First Memorandum in which she calls the other two statements unreal and unreliable.

Amanda's First Memorandum was not her only attempt to recant the false impression those coerced statements created. She had an interview with Mignini in December 2007, and appeared at numerous hearings trying to explain that her 1:45 AM and 5:45 AM statements on November 6, 2007 were not voluntary.

None of this explains the media frenzy that occurred during the investigation and the trial. Inflammatory information was regularly appearing in the media that had to be coming from someone familiar with the investigation.

2. So what does Peter Quennell say about this? He says that there are rules that prevent Italian police and prosecutors from leaking information. And he claims there were no proven examples of police and prosecutors giving reporters information. So where did all the bootleg information come from? One example is Amanda's prison diary. The police confiscated it at the end of November 2007. Yet in June 2008, Amanda's prison diary was leaked to the media. Since it was the police or the prosecutors who had it, who else but the police or prosecutors could have leaked it?

3. So who does Peter Quennell say leaked the prison diary that only the police or prosecutors had possession of? Peter Quennell says it was Amanda's defense lawyers who leaked it. Peter Quennell says her defense lawyers leaked her prison diary to hurt the police and prosecution in the case. Never mind that information about Amanda's sex life was in that leaked prison diary. Peter Quennell doesn't explain how the leaked information was supposed to have hurt the police and prosecutors instead of hurting Amanda.

4. Peter Quennell seems to imply that leaks he attributes to Amanda and her defense lawyers are responsible for the frenzy of accounts "making things up for profit and fame." He even quotes Guede's lawyer Walte Biscotti complaining about the leaks as though that makes it official. Peter Quennell claims pro-Amanda books of writers Dempsey, Burleigh, Moore, Preston, Hendry, Waterbury, and Fischer include false information due to the leaked information frenzy. Of course Peter Quennell doesn't mention any of the guilter books that took up this leaked information.

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