Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reply to BnB @pocketwatch8

1. Why is Amanda supposed to know what Meredith's sister meant by Meredith telling her that she had a quarrel with Amanda? Besides, Meredith's sister didn't think Meredith considered it very important.
2. Amanda's blood was not found on the faucet of the small bathroom. Only her DNA was found.
3. What difference does it make that Amanda's lamp was found in Meredith's room? there's no proof that Amanda put it there. There was no blond hair found in Meredith's hand. Only thread. The shoeprint found under the pillow was not Amanda's size. Why do you claim that there was any evidence of Amanda in the murder room? There was none.
4. Amanda has already said she turned off her cell phone because she didn't want to receive a call from Patrick changing his mind about her having the night off.
5. What does Raffaele's actions concerning his computer and phone have to do with Amanda remaining in bed at that time?
6. Do you expect Amanda to call Meredith while Amanda was in the shower or drying her hair? Why would Amanda have remained in the cottage to call Meredith after she had the disturbing thought that there could have been an intruder there?
7. The phone company didn't record the time the phone was ringing when there was no connection of parties. How could Amanda be checking to see if Meredith's cell phone had been discovered if she only let it ring 2-3 seconds? She wouldn't have given anyone time to answer it.
8. Amanda's book is not a murder story. It is an account of Amanda's experience with the Italian Judiciary. According to John Follain, Meredith did answer Amanda's text messages on Halloween.
9. Where did Amanda seem to plagiarize John Follain? If it is a quote of what someone testified Meredith said, how is that copying what John Follain wrote? Why does it matter that they both quoted what Meredith said?
10. The time Amanda was detained by the police for questioning was 53 hours. Even if you only count the time she was actually talking with them, that would be more than 15 hours over the four days on which they questioned her.
11. Where did Amanda lie about how long it took before the police manipulated her into signing the first statement? She said it was 1:45 AM and that was when it was. She never said how long it was after the police lied to her that Raffaele withdrew his alibi for her. The police had started questioning her sometime between 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM.
12. Why should Amanda pay Patrick Lumumba for lies the police made her believe about him? She still has an appeal to the ECHR concerning her human rights being violated in the extraction of that accusation against him. When the ECHR agree that she was not responsible for that accusation, it will be a moot point that she had been ordered to pay him.
13. Raffaele used their face-making game to cheer Amanda up when they were in the police station. That she was laughing at the game doesn't mean she wasn't still upset. What did Amanda say on the phone that was bragging? She did alert everyone to the strange circumstances that led to the discovery of the murder.
14. How was it proved that Amanda got Patrick's message not to come into work while being somewhere other than Raffaele's apartment? It's not a given that the closest cell tower would have been the one processing the text message to Amanda's phone. The cell phone tower closest could have had too much traffic and the system would have routed to the one it did. The cell phone tower that processed the text message to Amanda's phone did have a viable signal at Raffaele's apartment.