Friday, February 12, 2016

Why 20 Reasons has it wrong.


First off, Casey was not trying to hide her pregnancy. Cindy simply refused to acknowledge it.

1. There is no proof that anyone killed Caylee. There is only suspicion as to how Caylee died, but what is more to the point is that there was no motive for Casey to kill Caylee. There is no evidence that Casey wanted Caylee dead. That was made up by those who didn't like Casey's lifestyle.

2. There is no proof that the Bella Vita tattoo was a celebration of liberty from motherhood. It may be a strange thing for Casey to have done while her daughter was missing, but was quite likely that it was a way to remember the most beautiful life that Caylee was to Casey. Also, there is no proof that Casey did not call 911 because she killed Caylee. There is a good case to be made that there was nothing Casey could tell them if she did call 911.

3. All that going on a date the day that Caylee may have died proved is that Casey was behaving as though nothing had happened. That doesn't prove what happened or why Casey behaved this way. Casey may have been hoping that her father's confrontation of her with Caylee's body was not real. It is obvious from Casey's reaction to the news report at the jail that she was overcome by the finding of Caylee's body. That was when Casey could no longer pretend that Caylee was still alive, but her father had not told where to find her.

4. It is merely a suspicion as to why Casey did not report Caylee missing. It doesn't prove the reason that Casey did not do so. Casey's pathological lying and her promiscuity indicate some severe trauma such as sexual molestation. Victims of sexual abuse do pretend that everything is okey since they don't expect to be believed if they report the abuse they have endured. Casey's mother refused to believe Casey when she tried to tell her of molestation Casey had endured. If George Anthony had hidden Caylee's body to keep evidence of his abuse from being discovered, Casey would not expect anyone to believe her if she tried to report what Mr. Anthony may have done. There simply is no proof as to why Casey did not report Caylee missing.

5. There was no evidence that the stench in the trunk of Casey's car was from a dead body being kept there. There is evidence that Casey took her garbage to the dumpster in that trunk. It didn't have to be that one bag that was found in the trunk when the car was taken in for evidence. The stain on the carpet of the trunk which did not test as proof that it got there from human bodily fluids proves that the stench was accumulating over a period of time. The Labrador machine is nothing but science fiction. There was no way it could determine that a human body had decayed in that trunk. There was only one leg of a blow fly instead of the masses of such flies that would have been expected if there was a dead body in that trunk. That one blowfly leg could have blown in with the dog hairs that were also found in that trunk.

6. There is no consistent science concerning the determination that a hair found in the trunk was a so-called mitochondrial "death" hair. The FBI program attempting to find distrinctions in hair from a dead person as compared to weathered hair from a live person was discredited. In fact the whole hair evidence program of the FBI has been shown to be lacking.

7. Cadaver dogs do make mistakes when they allert. They do allert where there never was a dead body. That was why Dr. Vass was trying to invent the Labrador machine, but even his Labrador machine could not distinguish between human decomposition and an empty soda bottle. The question still remains of what it means that a cadaver dog allers to a location where there is no body to be found. There is no way to prove the reason for the allert is not that it is false. Also, the way the cadaver dogs were used to allert to Casey's car was bogus. There was only her car for the dogs to inspect. The dogs would have alerted to the only thing presented anyhow since they wanted the treat they were given on alerting. Also, there is no way to know if those cadaver dogs were alerting to the stench in the car because it was a human decompostion stench or was merely similar to the artificial scent that was used to train them.

8. Why is it assumed that Casey would not have needed a shovel only if George Anthony had not hidden Caylee's body himself. There is no proof what Casey used the shovel for that she borrowed from her neighbor. There was no evidence that she used it in the soil where Caylee's body was found, and there was no evidence of a hole dug in the Anthony's backyard. There is no evidence that Caylee's body was buried in that backyard at all.

9. There was no way to test the amount of chloroform in the air of the trunk for using Dr. Vass's Labrador machine. Chloroform is volatile. It would evaporate away before its quantity could be determined. Dr. Vass was lying when he said there was a high concentration of chloraform in that trunk.

10. The duct tape was not found on Caylee's mouth and nose. One piece was found entangled in her hair the other two pieces were found a yard away from Caylee's body. It is only an assumption that Caylee's skull could not have been found intact with the jawbone unless the tape had been used to hold them together. But Caylee's head was found upright when the residue inside show it decomposed on its left side. It had to have been positioned the way it was found in the muck. It is highly unlikely that it would have been found upright after being blown and washed around by the wind and water of the hurricane that come through before Caylee's body was found. Kronk is an obvious choice of who would have benefited by placing the head where it could be more easily found when he brought the police back to search for it. Kronk had said he expected a reward for finding Caylee's body but had lost it the first time he brought a deputy to look for it.

11. There is no proof that Casey was the one who had hidden Caylee's body in the swampy woods. The method of preparing the body in a double bag with Caylee's favorite blanket with tape sealing the outer bag was the way that George Anthony prepared dead pets for burial. Also, it was Mr. Anthony's special tape that was used. Casey may have lied about the imaginary nanny kidnapping Caylee, but it was Mr. Anthony who admitted to River Cruz more about the death that he was willing to say later. Since Caylee drowned, Casey would have wanted to have a funeral and a memorial, but you may have to ask Mr. Anthony why he didn't want Caylee's body found before it decomposed.

12. Dr. G did not use medical reasons for declaring Caylee's death a homicide. She used suspicions concerning the hiding of Caylee's body, the presence of duct tape, and Casey not reporting Caylee missing for 31 days. Those suspicions do not prove homicide at all. It only proves that someone didn't want Caylee's body discovered, but not the reason why. Casey's failure to report Caylee missing does not prove why she didn't report Caylee missing. Why would Casey expect the police to believe her that George Anthony had hidden the body without Casey's knowledge especially since Mr. Anthony is an ex-policeman?

13. Why would there have to be suspects when it was not proved that anyone killed Caylee? There was never any proof that Caylee did not drown. The ladder was in place. Caylee loved to swim. Caylee had left Casey's locked room to eat breakfast with George Anthony while Casey was still asleep. Caylee could open the sliding glass door and climb the latter by herself. She just couldn't get back out of the water by herself.

14. That Casey was not seen as grieving except that one time at the prison hospital doesn't prove she never grieved out of sight of people or cameras. And after Casey was arrested, she was under extreme pressure for her own life since the prosecutor wanted the death penalty.

15. Of course Casey must have known but not wanted to believe that Caylee had drowned. Do you think she wanted to find the decomposing body of her daughter she wanted to remember as her Beautiful Life?

16. George Anthony said that he saw Caylee leave with Casey, but how do we know he is telling the truth? He denied what River Cruz testified he told her, and he refused to testify about how he prepared dead pets for burial. We don't know that it wasn't Mr. Anthony who was on the computer using Casey's login that he may have known since it was not her computer alone. Just because Mr. Anthony got to work on time doesn't mean he didn't have to hurry about it. And were was the evidence that Caylee was killed by the fool-proof suffocation described on a suicide website? George Anthony was the one who later tried to commit suicide. Maybe he considered it after hiding Caylee's body.

17. Suppostion that Casey changed her MySpace password to "Timer55" because she supposedly knew the "gig was up" is pure speculation. Certainly Casey could have had the time before her birthday that Caylee had died, but that doesn't prove that Caylee was murdered instead of drowning accidentally.

18. What does a search for "alcohol" have to do with anything? The computer searches for "neck breaking," household weapons," "meningeal artery," "ruptured spleen, and "making weapons with household products" were done on a self-defense website. It was Casey's worry about defending herself against her molester that this demonstrates. Casey did her search for "chloroform" because she wanted to know what her boyfriend meant by the picture on his myspace page with the caption "Win her with chloroform." There is no evidence that Casey obtained or made chloroform. How do you prove premeditation without proving murder?

19. How do you prove who made that search for "fool-proof suffocation methods?" It was on a suicide website, and Casey never tried to commit suicide, but her father did while waiting for results from a paternity test concerning Caylee. It could be that the reason it was never presented at trial was because the prosecution saw problems with atttributing it to Casey instead of George Anthony. We only have Mr. Anthony's word for it that Casey had left taking Caylee with her. It could have been that Caylee had already drowned.

20. Casey may not have been the only person lying since George Anthony denied what River Cruz said he told her, and because Mr. Anthony refused to acknowledge how he prepared dead pets for burial. And Casey may not have been lying about not knowing where Caylee was if her father had hidden Caylee's body. It is not clear that Cindy Anthony called the police because she thought Caylee was dead. She only said what she did about the stench in the car to get the attention of the police. Cindy was still trying to locate Caylee. Why did George Anthony call the police for something as minor as missing gas cans when he knew that Casey would have borrowed them to get gas for her car? Mr. Anthony drew attention to the gas cans for a reason. They had some of his duct tape on one of them. Wasn't that deliberately pointing the finger at Casey?